“I’d like to start yoga”
“How flexible are you?”
“I can’t do Tuesday mornings or Thursday evenings”

It’s an old play on words, but many people think that flexibility and mobility is a prerequisite of starting a Yoga practice.  This couldn’t be further from the truth; one twee, but accurate, adage is “Yoga isn’t about touching your toes, its about what you learn on the way down”, so even if you are not in perfect health or fitness, Yoga is, literally, for every-body!

Of course, there are different styles of Yoga, and not every style is suitable for everyone, so look into the class you are signing up for and ask the teacher some questions if necessary.  That said, with an experienced teacher in a suitable level class, most injuries and restrictions can be catered for in some way. Picked the wrong class and found it’s not suitable?  Talk to the teacher, or ask around, and there will be something else more suitable.

If you have health concerns, or feel self-conscious about starting a group class, then most Yoga teachers offer private session to get you going and these may be an excellent way to ease yourself into attending class regularly.

So, what will a regular Yoga practice achieve?  Well, you may learn to touch your toes if you can’t already, or you may learn that being able to touch your toes actually isn’t the most important thing in life.  For the most part you should come out feeling calmer, looser, and generally more upbeat, which isn’t a bad thing.

You can learn more about my Yoga Classes at www.yinspire.co.uk, where you can book a class and find out more about my studio in Brading, Isle of Wight.

I can also work on one with people as a Yoga Therapist and this can be useful if you feel you need some more personalised attention – learn more on my Yoga Therapy website, www.yinspire.co.uk/yoga-therapy