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The home of Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga on the Isle of Wight

My Yoga Studio is on the beautiful Isle of Wight in the town of Brading – between Ryde and Sandown – and hosts both Group Yoga Classes with myself and my Yoga Therapy Practice.  

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Yoga for Well-being – Small Group Classes

Yin Yoga has been my passion over recent years  Yin Yoga is a quieter practice,  mostly floor based, less focused on exertion, and more focused on working with our lives, minds and bodies as we find them each day – maybe stress, anxiety, disappointments, aches, pains, bad backs, tummies. 

My interpretation of Yin Yoga is a warm hearted approach, less about doing, more about softly being, without strife.  My classes also weave in some classic Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Pranayama, Mindfulness Meditation and elements of Yoga Therapy – collectively Yoga for Well-being.

My approach to Yoga is an accessible one, and most of my classes are suitable for dealing with the challenges of life – be it physical issues like back, hips, shoulders or knees, or psycho-emotional concerns like anxiety or  confidence, as a both a Yoga Teacher and a Yoga Therapist I can normally accommodate health concerns in class.

All experience levels are welcome to my classes – from absolute beginners to experienced yogis.

My current class schedule is Monday and Wednesday both morning and evening, with occasional Saturday morning classes and workshops.

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is the use of traditional yoga techniques therapeutically, guided by a modern understanding of health, science and psychology, in order to help individual health and well-being and to address both specific health concerns and general well-being.  Yoga Therapy is provided in a gentle, accessible, and compassionate way, focused on you.

You probably know that Yoga is, or at least should be, good for you.  You may have read it or been told by a friend or acquaintance, or maybe you’ve maybe done a few classes and felt better for it.  Maybe you are just curious about the benefits of Yoga. 

Yet often its difficult to know just how to use Yoga for your own health and well-being.  Put simply, where to start and how to empower yourself to use Yoga to it’s full potential, to be your own Teacher and unlock your own innate Wisdom.

As a Yoga Therapist I am trained and experienced in guiding you on that journey. 

Yoga Therapy should be accessible and adaptable to everyone, regardless of health, age, race, gender or outlook.

My specialist interests are using Yoga to help with Stress and Anxiety; Back Complaints; Rehabilitation from Injury and Surgery – both physically and emotionally; Digestive Health and Pain Conditions.  That said Yoga Therapy can help with most things, and no matter what help you need I will always be honest about how I can assist.

Generally Yoga Therapy is delivered in a one on one private session, but occasionally I have group workshops and short courses.

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Beginners Welcome


Beginners to Yoga are most welcome, and all my classes are suitable for beginners – we all started new once.  Get in touch if there is anything you need to discuss first

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“Yoga has been a constant in my life over recent years, and something of immeasurable benefit to me; its my privilege to share this with others, and I hope you can join me.” – Jessica Garbett

“Unhurried postures unstained by striving” – Sarah Powers, writing about Yin Yoga