Back Complaints

Back Complaints


What Are They?

Back pain is a common complaint.  It may be short term – over exertion in the gym or garden – or longer term – from injury, pathology such as illness/weakness, posture or ageing.

One thing we know is that peoples experience of pain and actual tissue damage is not always well correlated – put simply some people experience back pain despite a physically healthy back; others experience little or no pain despite back injuries.  This shows that back pain is complex and requires more than mere corrective exercise; often the root of the problem can be in the nervous system. 

Even where there is known damage to their back, peoples experience of pain can vary tremendously.


How Yoga Therapy Can Help

Yoga Therapy can help with back pain in various ways, in particular:

  • Understanding triggers and causes of your back pain
  • Relaxation techniques to deal with flare ups and calm a hyper sensitive pain system
  • Understanding and correcting unhelpful postural tendencies
  • Strengthening the muscles in the back and its supporting area, as well as releasing areas of tightness
  • Helping you develop a go to routine for back health
  • Developing coping strategies for longer term conditions


How I Work With Back Complaints

The starting point is assessment on both a BioPsychoSocial basis and a Yogic basis (using a Koshic model of health) of how you are experiencing back pain and how it fits into your daily life, including any other treatment you have had, medications, and any diagnosis.

From there I will probably look at your posture and movement patterns, and consider how stress and social issues may be impacting your back complaint.

We may work with relaxation techniques and with combinations of movement, strengthening and releasing through yoga postures.  You won’t be asked to enter any postures that cause additional pain or discomfort.

I will suggest suitable practices to work with at home for your back, and provide a suitable routine.

I’ll happily fit in alongside any specific guidelines from other health professionals, eg Consultant, GP, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Physiotherapist.

If necessary I will make suggestions for onward referral to other professionals.

I had back pain over many years, which got worse after foot surgery. Yoga has helped me to handle this, and also given me an awareness of keeping my back healthy in daily life – whether I’m at my desk, working, cycling or relaxing.


Learn a bit more about how I work with Back Complaints in this short video (6m51s)