Private Classes

Private Classes, Back Care and Yoga Therapy with Jessica

I offer therapeutically orientated private classes and back care classes to individuals or small groups.  I completed practical training as a Minded Yoga Therapist in December 2018, and am completing post course requirements for certification which I anticipate completing during the first quarter of 2019.

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Private Classes

A private yoga class can be tailored to your needs after a full assessment, and maybe suitable if:

  • you are recovering from injury or health issue
  • you would like help in adapting yoga practice for personal circumstances
  • you are lacking confidence at present
  • you are worried about joining a open class
  • class times don’t suit you
  • you prefer a more private tailored experience
  • you need a more therapeutic approach to yoga

I’ll endeavour to make sure that a private class meets your specific objectives, and contains a spectrum of suitable practices.

Private classes could be a one off, weekly, monthly or what ever suits you, and are  normally daytime or early evening at my Rowborough studio.  It may be that you need a series of more regular sessions initially, followed by less regular reconnection sessions.

I am happy to see couples/family members together with n the framework of a private session, and at no extra charge, and by arrangement groups of friends.

If you want a consultation to discuss options, approach and practices first, I offer a £25 no yoga consultation, redeemable against a booking of three sessions.

The content of a Private Class is confidential between us, although details may be shared on a fist name basis with my professional supervisor.  If necessary, and with your consent, I may need to talk to other Medical and Well-being Professionals with whom you consult.  In the event of a situation where I have serious and immediate concerns for your safety, I may take safeguarding actions, including contacting others, for your protection.

Back Care Classes

The latest recommendations from NICE, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, is that in the absence of “red flags”, movement such as Yoga or Pilates is the recommended way of managing back pain in preference to specialist referral or painkillers.

I am trained in Yoga Therapy for Back Pain, and also have additional training in Experiential and Functional Anatomy and Physiology.  On a practical basis I also have a “temperamental” lower back myself.

My approach to working with back pain is a BioPsychoSocial one, combining physical aspects of strengthening, lengthening and aligning, along with work on relaxation, tension release, breathing and mindfulness in order to provide a rounded approach to back care.  There is no universal approach, and my work will be tailored to individual needs.

I’m happy to work alongside any other input you are receiving from a doctor, physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor, and would recommend chiropractic or osteopathic input at the start of an acute back flare up.  My work builds on their input to calm an acute flare up and mitigate future problems.

Its important to be aware that causes of back pain can be quite obtuse, and whilst sensible precautions are needed, often the best cure is time, patience and care.  Yoga is very well placed to facilitate this process.

The process of healing a back isn’t quick, and I strongly recommend a block of three private sessions to give us time to work together.  Typically the first session would be assessment and getting to know each other plus some initial practices, and sessions two and three would build on session one practices.   It may be that more than three sessions are appropriate, but we can evaluate this as we go on and, of course, this is at your discretion.

If you want a consultation to discuss options, approach and practices first, I offer a £25 no yoga consultation, redeemable against a booking of three sessions.

Yoga Therapy

I am currently training in Yoga Therapy with The Minded Institute in London, biased toward Mental Health, and expect to graduate in the early part of 2019. 

This is a two year post graduate course, considered to be a similar level to a vocational Masters qualification,  weaving together elements of Yoga, Psychology, Neuroscience, Medical Physiology and Buddhist philosophy.

To be clear, training, and qualifying, as a Yoga Therapist makes someone neither a Doctor nor a Psychotherapist, nor for that matter a Yoga Teacher – Yoga Therapy is a separate discipline.  The Yoga Therapy modality is unique in being able to bridge the gap between these discrete areas. 

Yoga Therapy benefits from being evidence based, and there is much good quality independent research supporting tailored yoga interventions.

Yoga Therapy can assist with a wide range of physical and mental health conditions – at the very least there aren’t many situations in which gentle movement,  breathing and a positive mindset can’t add value, and, of course, a therapeutic approach to Yoga can go much further on a situation specific tailored basis.

I would anticipate offering Yoga Therapy one on ones and small group courses from middle of 2019, and in the meantime my studies in this field inevitably influence informally my current range of class and private session offerings.

Costs and Booking

Book a Private Class

Costs for a private class are

£5 supplement for each person in the group over two

Private classes are normally daytime or early evening at my Rowborough Studio.  If available dates below are not suitable, feel free to contact me as I may be able to accommodate alternative time slots in some circumstances.


  • Full fee charged if cancellation at less than 48 hours or you do not attend.  Cancellations must be made online.
  • Appointments can be rescheduled up to 48 hours before start.  Use the reschedule link in your confirmation email.
  • Refunds in exceptional circumstances only.

If this is your first session with me then before we meet, including consultations, I need