We don’t always think a lot about our brain.  Maybe because thinking about what does the thinking is conceptually difficult!

Our brain is complex, not always fully understood, and frankly rather amazing.  The flip side of that is the brain can sometimes fool us as in interprets numerous inputs and tells our concious awareness what it thinks we need to know.

This book is a really useful and readable introduction to the brain, how it works and some of the conundrums around concious and non concious activity.  The author does well to condense complex concepts to a readable and understandable text, which concentrates less on brain anatomy and more on practical functionality.  How does our brain make sense of the world around us, and coordinate multiple inputs?  What makes reality in our brain?

The book is not a text book, and makes no claim to be – rather its a exploratory work for an audience of the curious, both explaining and provoking further thought.  I’ve covered a lot of this content before in my study, but there was still content to re-enforce and some new gems of knowledge to pick up.  Its a book I would recommend to anyone interested in the workings of the brain, and looking for a useful primer.

You can buy the Brain – The Story of You by David Eagleman on Amazon