yogagirlThe author of this book came to fame – if thats the correct word – on Instagram with her inspiring pictures and the hash tag #yogaeverydamnday.  Not being an Instagram type of person myself, I approached this book with some uncertainty.  But, we all judge books by their cover, and people by first sight, and never seem to learn its not good practice.  And so with this book, where there was much more than met the eye.

Instagram Yoga is sometimes frowned on; if you’ve not got your nose in one of the classics by Iyengar, Satyananda or similar then, well, you’re not really a proper Yogi.  But that fails to recognise that many people who practise modern yoga want, maybe need, a simple release from the pressures of the world around them without the accompanying theory.

This is a book for those people – a practical guide to yoga in the modern world.

Rachel gives some touching insights into what makes her tick, and what yoga means to her, as well as an introduction to postures, flow and meditation. Its not a magnum opus, and neither does it need to be. Its a simple book of inspiration for practitioners, teachers and the curious.

I took particular comfort from the chapters where she shares her worries about being a yoga teacher, about performance, about being good enough, and laughed wryly when she got to the part about letting go of dynamic practice and moving to restorative – been there, done that, got the t-shirt! 

“Let your yoga heal you by adapting your practice to what you need during this moment in your life.  I’m certain I will find my way back to a dynamic practice again (right now I’m someplace in between) because our yoga practice ebbs and flows like the tide.  Surrendering to what is and moving with life instead of against it is the key”

Very wise thoughts.

The chapters about her journey are interlaced with recipes, guide to practice, inspirational photos and pages headed “loving insights” which drawn you to pause with simple questions and statements.

Put simply I loved this book for its down to earth honesty.  Honest, modern yoga practice.

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