The Subtitle of this work is “A Eight Week Mindful Yoga Workbook for Finding Relief and Resilience”, and its a slightly unusual book in that its based around an eight week course of Yoga for Chronic Pain.

The book is thus very practical, and the eight weeks programme takes up the lions share of its 200 or so pages.

It starts with a useful review of Chronic Pain, Yoga, and how Yoga can help Chronic Pain, and these themes are developed in stages over the eight weeks, where each week gives an element of theory and practice – I sensed this was skilfully introduced over the weeks so as not to bog the reader down with a long and possibly off putting introduction, and this is great if you are someone who likes theory in bite sized chunks.

Its fair to say there is no single right way to approach Yoga for Chronic Pain, and possibly the approach here isn’t the one I would take – which is not to say it is right or wrong, just the inherent limitation of a programme in a book being directional rather than invitational and evolving.

However many people won’t be able to attend Yoga Therapy courses or classes for Chronic Pain – time, availability, personal choice – and for them this is certainly a good primer on the topic.

So, for anyone looking to use Yoga by themselves for Chronic Pain, or for non specalist Yoga Teachers seeking a primer on the topic, this is a useful resource, and one I would recommend.

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