Anyone attending my classes will be from time to time heard me reference Ms Cuddy’s work around “Power Posing” – using body pastures to stimulate confidence – based around her Ted Talk in the topic.  Typically these would be the big expansive standing poses like Warrior 1 and 2.

This book expands those concepts and the thoughts behind them, focusing on the quality of “Presence” – more than confidence, the concept as the author describes it also covers self belief, being true to ourselves, integrity, and expressing ourselves honestly, especially when interacting with others. And if we stop and think about it many of us can probably identify when we don’t live up to our ideals in this area, and as a result give away power.

This is a readable book, neither ostensibly text book, nor self help book, instead an accessible review of these areas and the limiting beliefs and patterns that can hold us back. As the author is oft quoted, “Don’t fake it till you make it, fake it till you become it.”.

A nice feature of the book is it is written from the authors own practical experiences following a brain injury as a college student, and how she adapted to this. Her authenticity and paracticality comes over.

A useful book for anyone who feels just a little overwhelmed, under confident or stifled and would like to address this.

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