Paul Chek’s name is well known in fitness circles, and the thing I liked about this book was it’s comprehensiveness, covering diet, movement and lifestyle/stress. Very often books just major on one of these, some exercise books exclude diet or lifestyle, or just relegate them to a few pages. Yet all of these aspects need to be addressed for our wellbeing. Here each topic is done comprehensively and readably, with clarity of detail.

This is a very practical “how to” and “think about” style manual, and it will be of interest to the fitness beginner, the more experienced looking for new inspiration, and likewise professionals in the movement and lifestyle therapies. It could be read cover to cover, or dipped into, and although there is a lot of content and detail, it’s easy enough to distil the important content for immediate use.

In short a good, balanced and comprehensive work on all round fitness.

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