There are a lot of books out there on self development- happiness, resilience, finding purpose. There becomes a tendency to feel once you’ve read one, you’ve read the lot. The authors it seems recognise this:

“Our hunch is that people who buy personal development books aren’t actually the ones who really need them?”

For me there’s some merit in re-reading the broadly similar content from different writers; you see a new angle, get a different perspective, something different sticks. So, this book treads a well worn path, and to their credit the authors set out to give a different experience by writing in the style of a tour guide – not so much a “Rough Guide to Happiness” as “Carry on Tour Guide on Happiness Island” – and that was refreshing in itself, a serious book with an off beat presentation and not taking itself too seriously.

In honesty there is nothing breathtaking in the content of this book, but that’s not a bad thing. Simple truths. And the presentation certainly helps to change the perspective. So a useful book, not too long to read, and you may take away, a few insights and understandings, or have a refresher on some things already known.

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