“The science of adult attachment and how it can help you find – and keep – love”

Attachment Theory provides a theory of interpersonal relationships, primarily based on attachment bonds between an infant and their caregiver. The theory goes that childhood bond influences our subsequent relationships, or more correctly how we approach them, as an adult. The childhood experiences do not determine our future relationships but do influence them.

The writers premise in this book is that identifying your attachment style – secure, anxious, avoidant – and that of the romantic significant other in your life, and understanding the characteristics of these, can help to strengthen relationships. There’s nothing novel in this, but the skill lies in taking theory and making it practical for the lay reader, and the authors do a good job of this.

It’s more a book for the user rather than counsellor/ therapist, and an ideal read for anyone looking at the basic psychology of their love life and related relationships. In truth it wasn’t immediately relevant to me, but it was useful background.

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