About Jessica and Yinspire

About Jessica and Yinspire


About Yinspire

Yinspire started as the trading name for my classes classes back in 2015 – since then Yinspire has grown to host my Group Classes, and my Yoga Therapy Practice.



About Jessica

I started exploring Yoga in my mid 40s – it had been on my “to do” list for many years but never quite happened.  One day I saw an advert for “Yoga and Brunch” and thought that sounded a civilised way to brighten up a dull January Saturday morning.  

From that very first class I was captivated with Yoga, before long attending several classes a week, along with additional workshops, the first steps toward a home practice, and starting to devour Yoga books.

Away from Yoga my background is Accounting and Tax, which I still practice, including Accounting for Yoga Teachers.

When not at work I enjoy fresh air – whether walking or cycling on land, or at sea on our family motor yacht – and also having my nose in a good book with a Gin & Tonic.

Although I would describe myself as Liberal Christian, I have a strong interest in eastern spiritual ethics and practice, and this illuminates aspects of my practice and teaching.




Most of the regular teachers I have worked with come from a Hatha or Vinyasa style of Yoga, and these have been the foundations of my own practice.

My Yoga Teacher Training Tutor came from a Satyananda lineage and agin this has influenced my own practice, although I don’t follow that particular lineage.

In 2012, recovering from injury, I discovered by myself a slower quieter side to Yoga, which I later came to understand as Yin Yoga.

All these influences come together in my practice and teaching, which I refer to as Yin Inspired Yoga.

A lot of my time has been spent studying experiential and functional anatomy, and the physiology of stress, which led to a formal training in Yoga Therapy with Minded Institute London, and introduced a distinct therapeutic aspect to my classes.

My teaching style is an adaptation of a classic Paul Grilley/Sarah Powers Yin Yoga practice, however I also include, as appropriate:

  • Classic Hatha Yoga postures, maybe some static, maybe very slow flow
  • Restorative Yoga postures
  • Pranayama (breath and subtle energy work)
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Elements of Yoga Therapy

In all this the emphasis remains on a slow floor based practice though.

Amidst all the seriousness, I also think Yoga should be fun and relaxed, and approached with humour – you should leave the class feeling better than when you arrived.

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and LGBT

Yinspire is an LGBT friendly business, committed to promoting equality and inclusiveness across all gender, race and sexuality identities.


Professional Memberships



Main Trainings

  • 2013-2014 FRYOG foundation course 100 hours
  • 2014-2015 FRYOG practical teaching course 200 hours
  • 2014 Foundations of Yin Yoga – one week – tutor Norman Blair
  • 2015 – 2016 Structural, Functional and Experiential Anatomy for Yoga – 100 hours – with Gary Carter
  • 2016 Advanced Yin Yoga Teacher Training – 60 hours – tutor Norman Blair
  • 2017 – 2019 Yoga Therapy Training – 550 hours – Minded Institute London


Main CPDs and other training

  • 2013 Yin Yang Yoga workshops – one weekend – tutor Simon Low
  • 2014 Common Injuries Upper and Lower Body – one day cadaver prosection
  • 2014 Yin Yoga workshops – one weekend  – with Paul Grilley
  • 2016 Anatomy of pelvis, spine and back pain – half day cadaver prosection
  • 2016 Anatomy of spinal cord and nervous system – half day cadaver prosection
  • 2016 Five day guided cadaver dissection – with Julian Baker
  • 2016 Insight Yoga + Psychological Inquiry workshops – one weekend – with Sarah Powers
  • 2017 Insight Yoga Teacher Training Intensive: Mindfulness + Inner Practices in Yin Yoga – five days with Sarah Powers
  • 2017 Yoga Therapy for Low Back Pain & Sciatica – three days with Robin Monro / Minded Institute 
  • 2018 Yin Yoga and Meridians – Kidney/Bladder and Stomach/Spleen Meridians – 2 day training with Norman Blair and Kate Henley
  • 2018 Yin Yoga and Meridians – Liver Meridian – 2 day training with Norman Blair and Kate Henley
  • 2018 Three Day First Aid at Work with IWNHS Ambulance Training
  • 2019 Mental Health First Aid – two day training with IW Council
  • 2019 Breath Body Mind – Workshop for Professionals – two days Drs Brown MD and Gerbarg MD via Minded Institute
  • 2019 Body Reading and Resilience – three days with Thomas Myers
  • 2019 Yoga Therapy and Chronic Pain Symposium – one day – via Minded Institute
  • 2020 Yoga Therapy CPD via Minded Institute – Psychotherapeutic enquiry skills; Renal conditions; Borderline Personality Disorders; Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury; Dermatological conditions; Obesity; Hyper-mobility – 4 days
  • 2020 Rewiring the Brain Through Yoga: Neurological Insights into How to Use Yoga to Promote Neuroplasticity – one day
  • 2020 Sanskrit for Yogis: an Interactive Introduction – 14 hours – Graham Burns
  • 2020 A Comprehensive History of Yoga: Research and Scholarship – 20 hours – Yoga Campus
  • 2020 Total Yoga Nidra Foundation – 15 hours – Yoga Nidra Network
  • 2021 Yoga Meets Science – Yoga Campus
  • 2021 First Aid at Work with IWNHS Ambulance Training
  • 2022 Managing Back and Hip Injuries – 6 hours – Yoga Campus
  • 2022 Sleep Recovery – 6 hours – Yoga Campus
  • 2022 Fascial Anatomy Refresher – 12 hours – Gary Carter
  • 2023 Safeguarding – 3 hours – Minded Institute