Earlier this year I attended a CPD with Minded Institute over four days, and one section of this was Yoga Therapy for Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury, taught by Love Your Brain Yoga, a specialist Yoga intervention developed in the US for Brain Injury and Stroke.

This last week I have, belatedly, been reviewing all the course handouts, and this included evaluation studies on the Love Your Brain Yoga programme.  This one caught my eye:

A Qualitative Study of LoveYourBrain Yoga: A Group-Based Yoga With Psychoeducation Intervention to Facilitate Community Integration for People With Traumatic Brain Injury and Their Caregivers

The conclusions reached include “LoveYourBrain Yoga successfully promoted community integration for people with traumatic brain injury. It also facilitated diverse and meaningful physical, psychological, and social health benefits, which suggest that it may be an effective mode of community-based rehabilitation” – Stroke and other Brain Injuries are quite devastating both to the patient and their families, so its good news that Yoga can have a tangible benefit not only on the injury itself but on the wider aspects of social integration and getting back to normality.

As far as I am aware the Love Your Brain Yoga programme isn’t taught in the UK, but a Yoga Therapist such as myself is well placed to work with Stroke and Brain injury.

if this effects you, or your family and loved ones, then it may be worth looking at the Love Your Brain Programme, and I would be more than happy to talk with you about implementing a similar programme.