Our minds are wonderful creative dynamic things, capable of great thinking, capable of emotion, capable of passion, capable of ruminating when we are asleep – “I’ll sleep on it” – and much more.

However the minds great capabilities can be its downfall when it runs away by itself taking us into unwitting journeys of despair or delusion – it’s said “The mind is more than capable of seeing a blue car and constructing a six act drama”, sometimes it’s just a blue car with no drama (source unknown, I obtained this quote from Norman Blair my teacher in Yin Yoga).   This can easily become an all consuming circle.

And so many of us turn to mediation and mindfulness techniques to calm our mind and bring it under control. 

This book is a guide to mediation and contemplation techniques to that aim, from a Buddhist meditation master.  It’s no short cut or quick fix, but instead sets out a structured approach to reigning in the mind – turning it into an ally rather than a wild child – along with guidance around obstacles and problem areas.

The content isn’t new or novel, and if you’ve read other mediation books, or studied mediation, then the content will be largely familiar.  That’s no bad thing, sometimes, often, we need to return to the basics.  Arguably the best mind is the open mind of the beginner.

A useful book, worth a read.

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