If you scratch the surface Anxiety is a lot more prevalent in our society than people realise – and of course the stigma that still surrounds Mental Health means we don’t freely talk about it.  That stigma needs to be broken down – anyone can have a Mental Health issue in the same way as they can have a common cold, or fall over and break something.

Matt Haig has made a good job previously of humanising the reality of Mental Health struggles, and this book continues that.

As the title implies its no text book, its no self help manual, its no self analysis tool – it is simply notes – some short and staccato, some longer sections – on daily life with anxiety.  To this end its not a complex read, but for anyone caught up in anxiety (been there, got the t-shirt) it serves well to show you are not unique, and for anyone helping a friend or relative, or working with people who have anxiety, its a good practical primer on what they may be caught up in.   Anxiety, stress, overwhelm, worry, it has many faces, and this book helps to bring some of them out the shadows.

Recommended by me.

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