Kundalini Energy is a key theme of the yoga tradition.  It represents a dormant power in the body awoken as part of a process of awakening and enlightenment.

So far, so good.  However Kundalini gets a mixed review – in some yoga traditions activating Kundalini is encouraged, in others its considered dangerous, at least without guidance, preparation and care.  I think all experienced yoga practitioners would regard Kundalini with some caution.

The danger in unregulated Kundalini emergence would be a range of mental health symptoms, possibly fitting what would be called “psychosis” – however proponents of Kundalini awakening would certainly use a different term and maybe attribute a more positive slant to the process. 

So, this is a difficult issue for a modern yoga practitioner.   A key part of yoga philosophy and the energy body on the one part; possibly a health and personal risk on the other.  I’m not going to make further comment on this either way – its something outside of the scope of a yoga class environment, and an area where experienced yoga practitioners will need to develop their own outlook with guidance.

However I wanted to mention this book, which I read recently.  Its a collection of Essays on the Kundalini awakening process – its full subtitle “Kundalini Rising – Exploring the Energy of Awakening”.  Although its formed of discrete writings from different authors, the editor has brought together a selection of views, perspectives and approaches, and as such this is a useful primer in the area whatever your personal views.  I felt it was a nuanced and balanced approach, looking at Personal Experiences; Health and Therapeutic Insights; Historical, Philosophical and Cultural aspects  and the Yoga Tradition.

This is a book suitable for the experienced yogi or yoga teacher wanting some more depth on the topic; not a book for yoga beginners or those seeking a short cut to enlightenment – something yoga never offers.  I cautiously endorse it with the caveat that care needs to be taken with the whole area.

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