A large part of Yin Yoga is based, not unsurprisingly, on Yin Yang theory.  In turn Yin Yang theory is a small part of the much larger art of Chinese Medicine, which encompasses, of course, acupuncture, herbal treatments and five element theory (translated by the author as five phases theory).

This book isn’t a guide to Chinese Medicine.  To reduce such a vast and established art to a guide book would be both impossible and irresponsible.

Instead the book is a journey through some of the principles and characteristics of Chinese Medicine from western eyes, looking at how Chinese Medicine may differ from the western approach we are used to, and what the distinguishing characteristics of Chinese treatment may be.

Consideration of the efficacy of Chinese treatments is given, along with a consideration of clinical trials in the west and reports on safety.

You are left with the impression of the author, a doctor of Chinese Medicine, writing an honest account of his experiences, and introducing the reader to a system which has a very different approach to diagnosis, illness and pathology, but one which seems to have served many people well.

With an interest in energy work and related disciplines, I found this a useful book to supplement my knowledge.  It would also be a useful read, I think, for anyone seeking to empower themselves in looking at alternative treatment modalities.  In my view, then, if you are interested in this area, worth a read.

The book Chinese Medicine – The Web That Has No Weaver by Ted Kaptchuk is available to purchase on Amazon.  If you use this link, then Yinspire earn a small commission.