We hear a lot about the energy body, and it’s constituent nadis and chakras – the channels and junctions respectively – but sometimes not so much about the quality of the energy flowing in the system.

Known as Prana in the yogic system, Chi, Ki, in other systems, it is nebulous, multifaceted and subtle, pervading everything, influencing everything.

The author, a well known author on Chakras and the energy body, defines this energy as ‘Charge’, defined as ‘Consciousness having a Real Genuine Experience” (yes, I know, a bit American). And this defines the topic of the book – looking at how energy presents in the body, how it interacts with our chakras, how it both influences and is influenced by our character and personality type, and how we can make changes for our well-being.

It’s a big topic, and the author tackles it both well and comprehensively, with the insight and detail she is noted for. The downside of this is the book, at over 300 pages, feels perhaps a little daunting- but stick with it and pace yourself.

There is, potentially, something for everyone in here. For those exploring these concepts for the first time, it’s a good primer; for those familiar with them, it’s a chance to look at some slightly different angles. Certainly the later was the case for me.

This is a book for teachers, therapists and individuals with an interest in this fascinating area; you may not agree with all of it, but it can certainly help you clarify and develop your understanding, and provokes some thinking and exploration.

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