Its fair to say Anodea Judith is probably the most prolific writer and thinker in the Chakra system and Yoga of the current generation.

Wheels of Life is her seminal work on the theory of the Chakras – but a book which, until recently, I hadn’t read even though its been on my shelf some time – years.   Its been worth the wait.

At just over 400 pages its not a light read, but the author brings in a level of understanding you won’t find elsewhere – despite that depth, and the length of the book, its a very readable work and one you can easily get carried off in.  The writing draws you in and holds your attention. 

The book starts with an overview, “And the Wheel Turns” and then proceeds though each Chakra chapter by chapter with a linking meditation, and looking at descriptive, energetic, practical and theoretical aspects of each Chakra.  You can dip into this as deeply as you wish, and very much this is a book to come back to.  I will.

With any book on subtle energy theres something to learn, and for myself I feel at the stage where I can delight in books like this, feeling confident in the basics and adding layers of thought and information on.  Some of the authors insights here were different to those I had seen elsewhere – thats fine, there are few certainties in this world.

This was a fantastic read, useful, accessible, and I would recommend the book to anyone looking to understand more on these vortexes – wheels – of energy we call chakras. 

I’d also recommend two other books by the same author – “Eastern Body, Western Mind“, which covers more of the psychology around the Chakras and their influence on our wellbeing, and “Chakra Yoga” which covers how we practice Yoga for the Chakras (reviewed by myself here).  To be honest, I doubt any writing by the author would be a bad read.

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