It feels like a long time since I’ve written a book review – indeed life as meant that my reading throughput has dropped off considerably in recent months.  I started this book in September last year, and have only just finished it.  Not because its a bad book, or a particularly long one – just, well, life.

Anyway Diabetes in all its forms is a very significant heath issue in modern society, and for anyone with diabetes its impact on their health is significant.

The “for” in this book doesn’t imply a prescriptive process for curing diabetes – indeed there is no cure as such, although in recent years emerging evidence has suggested that diet and lifestyle can help to generate s significant remission from Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome its precursor.   Rather the “for” in this title is a wide ranging look at how Yoga can help people with both Types 1 and 2 Diabetes.  As such the authors non judgemental approach, although we should expect nothing else in Yoga, is welcome, and doubtless guided by her own experiences of living with Diabetes. 

The author starts with an invitation to “Change the Narrative”, thats to say seeing Diabetes as part of a persons makeup rather than something which defines them – “I am whole, I am not Diabetes”.  She then guides us through some of the physiology of Diabetes and its link with stress.  We are then invited to look at how Yoga can assist in living with and managing Diabetes focusing especially on the energetic and emotional ramifications, and the effect of Diabetes on Mental Health. 

In all this comes across as a well written book for both those with Diabetes and those in the Yoga world supporting them.  It cuts a good balance between theory and practicalities, and shows positive ways to use Yoga manage the condition and promote general personal well-being alongside Diabetes.  In all a useful book.