Yoga for Diabetes- How to Manage Your Health with Yoga and Ayurveda

Diabetes is a common condition in the UK, thought to effect 6% of the population. It has a number of negative impacts on people’s health.

There is evidence that yoga can play a part in managing Diabetes and promoting good health, alongside traditional medical treatment.

The author of this book was diagnosed with Late Onset Adult Diabetes, LADA, and writes from her own experience.

For someone with Diabetes interested in how yoga may help them, this book will be a useful primer on the topic, but not at the expense of working with an experienced Yoga Therapist or Yoga Teacher. It’s focused on a mixture of Yoga, Ayurveda and lifestyle, all of which will assist. It also features a little of the authors personal journey which may well be useful in inspiring people.

However as a Yoga Therapist I was a little disappointed in the scope of the work, in so far as it didn’t really look at the science behind Yoga and Diabetes, and how Yoga can influence Endocrine response and secondary symptoms; I wished for a book that went somewhat further.

So, in summary, a useful book for the yoga practitioner, but not really in depth enough for the yoga professional.