Unwinding Anxiety – Train Your Brain to Heal Your Mind

Anxiety. What’s your response to the word?

Before I trained as a Yoga Therapist anxiety was something I saw in the abstract; it didn’t effect me, or those in my circle. I’d admit that Yoga Therapy changed my outlook on, and indeed my attunement to, anxiety – my experience is it’s prevalence is much higher that we realise, and indeed we don’t always appreciate how anxiety forms a part of our emotional landscape. Not, of course, for everyone, but more common than we realise.

Anyway, it is one thing to recognise anxiety, another thing to tackle it and disentangle it’s threads. Here is where this book comes in.

It’s a useful guide to how our brains process circumstances and situations, and how anxiety is part of that, and practical ways we can change – in the authors words unwind – this link. The author sets out to guide us through this journey on a practical basis, with explanation, suggested ways of reframing our thinking, and case histories from his practice.

It would be easy for a book like this to fall into being trite and simplistic, or overly technical, but to the authors credit it’s neither. I feel there is enough detail to explain the problems from a neuro-scientific perspective, and enough practical wisdom to provide suggestions for action. If there was an observation on my part it would be that the authors approach seems somewhat formulaic, which will suit some people and not others, but clearly if the approach works for you then all well and good.

In all I felt this a useful well written book, and for anyone experiencing anxiety it’s worth the read.

You can buy Unwinding Anxiety by Judson Brewer on Amazon