Buddhism for Busy People – Finding Happiness in an Uncertain World

Well, we could all use a little more happiness, right?

Alas there are no simple solutions, but over the years the tenets of Buddhism have certainly peculated into the lives of many people and helped to change peoples outlook.  In turn the changed outlook helps us release suffering and find a contentment – happiness – underneath.

Framed around a period in the his life, and to that extent autobiographical, in this book the author explores someone the key concepts of Buddhism in a simple and relevant manner with a beginners mind.  Its not a full exposition of the topic, but certainly provides a useful primer for the interested.  Many of the ideas from Buddhism translate across to a yogic outlook on life.

The author has a warm and easy writing style, and this was an easy read. 

Its worth mentioning that many of the Eastern philosophies – Yoga and Buddhism for example – take one step back from a theistic understanding of God, and to this end, certainly for me, can live alongside being a Christian – they are philosophies and ideas which can exist alongside other faiths.

A book that is worth a read if you are interested in the basics of Buddhism or Buddhist spiritual concepts.

Buddhism for Busy People: Finding Happiness in an Uncertain World can be purchased on Amazon