safety pinNo matter whether you were “in” or “out”, I think we can all agree the fallout from last Thursdays vote has been surprising; the Prime Minister going, the Labour leader looking likely to follow, men in suits jostling for power, rhetoric to and from Brussels.

For me the saddest aspect is the racism and intolerance that seems to have surfaced in the UK.

I want to make one thing abundantly clear.  Whatever your colour, creed, sexuality, race, or first language, most people are welcome at Yinspire for Yoga Classes.

Wait, shouldn’t that be everyone is welcome?  No.  Unchecked intolerance is not welcome, if you can’t leave it at home, don’t come. 

Yoga is, amongst other things, a process of personal scrutiny.  Anyone who judges based on skin colour or accent misses the essence of human connection. Intolerance has no monopoly on skin colour or accent, there are bigots with dark skins and light skins, English accents and non English ones.

A book I read a little while ago, is “Dying to Be Me” by Anita Moorjani.  In describing her near death experience, she relates her understanding of human existence, which I paraphrase, probably badly, as “We are all love”; she sees us as spiritual beings having a human existence, with our human responses being filtered through flawed human filters – take those filters away and we are pure love.   Those criteria we judge on then no longer matter.

Be under no illusion, however you see the spiritual world, through western faith, through eastern faith, though nature, there will be no accents and no colour in the after life.

Namaste – “The highest light in me honours and respects the highest light in you”