Stress – arguably the curse – or price – of modern life.

But what if we don’t accept that bargain? How do we counter stress? Well, first we understand the problem, then we learn how to make changes.

This book is a very comprehensive – yet readable – guide to the nature of stress, how it effects us, and how we can respond in a stress reducing manner.

Through the book we learn how the stress response and dampening reactions in the body are meant to work, and why our modern lifestyles tend to use these responses sub optimally. We learn about stresses relationship with stroke and heart attacks, digestion and food, family influences, sex, immunity, pain, memory, sleep, ageing, social status. We learn how our personality type affects our sensitivity to stress. We learn personal and societal counters to stress.

This isn’t merely a book about destressing, indeed destressing is only a small part of the content, and it’s certainly not a quick fix book. It is however a readable guide to the causes and effects of stress. For any one who wants to get behind the sticking plaster approach, this is a valuable resource.

And Zebras? Well, they deal with an aggressor, a Lion stalking them maybe, by firing up their stress response. When the stress event is over, they turn their stress response off. Logical. We humans tend to leave ours on; stress response becomes normal, stress related disease takes a hold.

A recommended book for those interested in the topic.

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