The subtitle of this book is, “Treating Anxiety, Depression and Rage with the Vagus Nerve and Other Techniques” – it is a manual predominately aimed at Yoga Therapists and therapeutically orientated Yoga Teachers, however I am sure it would be of interest to experienced Yoga practitioners in respect of their own practice.

So, looking at the subtitle, where does fear come into it?  Put simply fear is part of imbalance in our nervous system – I often talk about the evil three sisters, stress, anxiety and depression because they so often coexist, and fear could really be another part of the family.  Often its the other side of the same coin – circumstances in life create fears, these manifest as a host of physical and emotional health issues, or our physical and emotional responses create fear – its all bound together and in need of unpicking, which is where a well crafted Yoga practice comes in..

This is a good solid primer on addressing limiting beliefs via Yoga Therapy – part manual, part reminiscence of the authors experience.   Its a good mix, enough detail to explain yet without getting bogged down.  Its not a beginners “how to” book, hence my thoughts above about the suitable audience.

For myself personally it was a good refresher on my Yoga Therapy training – there was nothing earth shattering in the book, but thats no bad thing, simply meaning it steers away from controversy and the novel and toward solid tested therapeutic approaches to Yoga.  I did take away some new perspectives, and I suspect this is a book I will come back to in the future.

All in all a useful work for Yoga Therapists and Yoga Teachers, and a book I’d endorse.

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