Yoga ReminderThe subtitle to this book is “Lightened Reflections”, and that sets the tone for this short, and light hearted, exposition of the basics of yoga.

Not the basics of yoga as in getting your foot behind your neck, but the basics of the system of personal wholeness and wellbeing proposed by yoga in its most basic sense:

“In its original statement and intent, yoga is not an abstract concept such as happiness, that often means different things to different individuals. Its basic objectives are timeless and ageless. Yoga is the means to bring a positive shift in the basal wellbeing of the mind and the body”.

The author, a student of the master yoga teacher Sri T Krishnamacharya (1888-1989), takes the reader progressively through understanding the mind, the yoga path, thinking, body, breath, yoga philosophy and esotericism, but in a light hearted and accessible manner. These are the basics which underpin the content of yoga classes, and which help yogis take their yoga out of a weekly class and into the wider world.

It’s a big topic! To his credit the author covers it succinctly and compressively, coming back to the bedrock of the Yoga Sutras and other ancient philosophical works in a practical and non dogmatic manner.

“If you currently take classes that are called yoga, the information in this book will help you determine whether you are actually doing a yoga practice aligned with its original intent and methods. You might well ask, “Does it really matter whether I am doing yoga? I enjoy my classes.”

“The premise of this book is that it does matter. It is in your best interest to be clear about what you are doing and why you are doing it. The practice of yoga should not be a matter of blind faith in a teacher or in the teaching”.

Concise, readable, and peppered with side quips, this is an excellent book for someone wanting to start to inquire deeper into yoga, or for an established yogi to get a reality check in the basics. A lovely little book, which I recommend. 

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