yinyogaulricanorbergAs Yin Yoga matures, a few more books are coming to the market.  This is one of the newer ones, published in 2014.

The “big three” of Yin Yoga books are:

  • Paul Grilley – Yin Yoga Principles and Practice
  • Bernie Clarke – Complete Guide to Yin Yoga
  • Sarah Powers – Insight Yoga

Honourable mention also to Biff Mithoefer’s “Yin Yoga Kit” and, probably my personal favourite, “Serenity Yin Yoga” by Magdalena Mecweld.

So this book joins a growing collection of other authors works, each of which is slightly different.

For me the beauty of this book was both its simplicity and how the author has weaved a little of her personal yoga journey and practice into its content, yet at the same time remaining true to the undefined, yet understood, principles behind Yin Yoga.   There is much common ground with other books, particularly Paul Grilley’s and Bernie Clarke’s, yet at the author has added her own twist.

For anyone wanting an introduction to the practice, and something to help them understand a bit deeper what goes on in class, then I would wholeheartedly endorse the book.

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