You’d think that a Psychiatrist would be the last person to have serious Mental Health problems? Or at the least the last to admit it?

My experience is if you look behind the scenes the “Wounded Helper” is not at all uncommon. Maybe its peoples recognition of their own weaknesses and touch points thats leads them to helping others?

The author is a Psychiatrist, now semi retired, and this book is her account both of, anonymised of course, of clients she treated, and not anonymised, her own simultaneous struggle with long term severe depression though Medical School and her professional life. Given the stigma around Mental Health, its a brave book to write, and one she deserves credit for.

Its also a dammed good read – what could be a dry and maudlin topic comes alive with a combination of searing honesty, skilled writing, and a tacit acknowledgement that there are no off pat answers – indeed you get the impression as the book develops that the author accommodates her condition rather than escaping from it. In truth thats probably how life goes.

An extremely well written book about a taboo subject, and one thats worth a read if you or someone close to you is affected by Depression, or if you are a professional in this field.

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