Many readers of my website or book reviews will know that I’m very drawn to breath work. To a degree I think breath practices are yogas hidden secret, and sadly not often given enough attention in class – my classes included.

Whilst the classical pranayamas of Hatha yoga are well known and documented, less well known is the science and physiology behind how they effect the body and mind, and the subtle variations in breath work which can make a significant difference to our well being and assist in healing trauma and dysfunction both physiologically and psychologically.

As the name implies this is a book about the breath and healing. It’s a readable book; clear, the right amount of science, case studies and practice, and backed up by a CD of practices inside the sleeve. You won’t find anything cranky in here; to a degree it’s variations on a theme, that theme being measured controlled breath to calm the nervous system. And that is no bad thing – this is an area where simple, tried and trusted is the key.

Some of the practices in this book I’ve been using in my own practice for a year or so with huge benefits to my well-being, and hence my interest in the area. Put simply, my experience is that they work. We use them a lot in my classes as well; Coherent Breathing and Ujjai.

So this is a book for the tired and stressed; those recovering from trauma; those helping them. It’s a book I would wholeheartedly recommend for clarity and ease of use – the passion and confidence of the authors shines through, among with their experience in the field.

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