The most striking thing about this book is its use of colour – sumptuous photography and illustrations – and it sets the tone for a slightly different take on the Chakras, one which is accessible and readable, avoiding the density of writing by some authors.  Thats not to say density of writing is bad – detail is good, knowledge is good – but sometimes we need to feel as much as study.

As you would expect the book takes the path of introduction; Chakra by Chakra analysis; summary and brining it all together – its a logical presentation for study.  For each Chakra  theres a review of its features, an look at how a health Chakra may present, what may happen if its over or under developed, and suggestions for balancing.  This content is both sound and practical; I found myself nodding as I read the book.

I found the final chapter, entitled “The Rainbow Bridge” interesting, as the author writes about system wide harmony – my interest being drawn to the comparison of a bottom up approach – traditionally how I would work with the Chakras and how I’ve been taught, versus a top down approach.  The author suggests the downward flow “If you want to turn a brilliant idea into a physical reality”, versus an upward flow “If your physical reality is fine, but you trudge along making money and never feel inspired or joyful”.

I found this a readable and inspiring book, and a great way to study the Chakras and energy body against the more textual approach of, say, Anodea Judith – both have their place 🙂  Needless to say its a book I would endorse.

The book can be bought on Amazon, or I have copies for sale in the studio