Subtitled “The scientific solution to protect your brain and body – and be more resilient every day”, the author of this work is a doctor and neuroscientist, so potentially can shed a lot of light on this rather vexed area of stress and resilience. 

The book starts with a look at the brain and how we can improve emotional regulation.  The author then goes on to look at specifics like Cortisol – the main stress hormone; body clock; inflation; and insulin.

Its a lot to get into one book, and to get the best from it you’d have to return to the work and reread it a few times.  Theres an awful lot of detail packed into 250 or so pages, and its probably sensible to focus on a handful of areas to start with rather than absorb it all. 

If I had a criticism of the book, it is rather clinical – which is to be expected given the authors credentials.  Sometimes stress needs to be held, experienced and processed emotionally rather than clinically, and the later isn’t really touched on.  Still, thats why there are yoga classes and, doubtless, 1001 books on yoga and stress.  Despite this my feeling is that, as far as it goes, this book outlines a solid sensible approach.

In all a useful book and one for anyone looking for a practical guide to the science of stress and resilience – its no academic text book, and has a practical and easy tone.

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