“My unorthodox search for something to believe in”

We meet the author, a lawyer working for Google, just after the birth of her daughter, seeking to find spiritual meaning to pass on to her child.

Over coming months we follow the authors visits to shaman, conmen, witches, healers, hot yoga, laughter yoga, Burning Man and finally Vipassana Meditation. The author writes a little tongue in cheek, and with an engaging down to earth style of blended cynicism, optimism and naivety, as she recounts her hopes and experiences, perhaps refining her search a little on each step.

She doesn’t claim to have found the answers, but you get a sense she has found a staging post in the journey, which, I suspect is true for most of us.

I liked this book; it had an engaging down to earthness about it. It’s no manual about spirituality, that’s for sure, which is ok as there are plenty of those out there, but less of this type of writing, the human end of navigating between the extremes and and finding your own modus vivendi.

Recommend for anyone thinking about the big questions, but with their feet on the ground and muddling through.

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