Serenity Yin YogaSerenity Yin yoga : Rest yourself to a calm mind & healthy body – Magdalena Macweld

Historically the “big three” in writing about Yin Yoga were Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers and Bernie Clark. The Grilley and Clark books have a similarity, a mixture of theory and practice, Powers takes slightly different look with a more practical approach and encompassing more active Yang practice and Mindfulness.

With this book Macweld brings another direction to writing on Yin Yoga. In fact writing is almost secondary as what stands out with this book is the photography – it brings the pages to life and shows a visceral passion and love for this approach to Yoga.

I come back to this book regularly for inspiration; a different way to look at a pose or to weave it into practice or teaching. That’s where this book excels and fills a gap in the market – inspiration and passion, as opposed explanation and exhortation.

Macweld teaches Yin, so this book is grounded in a responsible approach to the practice. It’s introduction and English translation is by Norman Blair, one of the more prominent teachers of Yin Yoga in the UK. In other words, beautiful though they are, the photographs don’t mean frothy writing, far from it.

There is not much to add to my original review on Amazon:

An absolute joy to read; for lovers of yin, this will re-ignite your passion for the practice and show a new light on the postures you know well. For newcomers it’s an illuminating read which conveys the simple joy of these practices.

The authors passion for yin yoga shines through on each page.

And the author sums introduces her book well on Amazon as well:

Imagine that your body is agile and healthy. That your mind is calm and balanced. That you feel energetic and happy. Only a few Yin yoga sequences can have that impact on your life.

Yin yoga is a tranquil and restful yoga. It has been described as unbearably nice or nicely unbearable, but above all, it is easy—everyone can do it.

My wish with this book is to help you become agile, calm, and energetic: in short, to get you in better shape. To help me with this, I have recruited my friends and students, all of whom practise Yin yoga with me. I hope that, together, we will inspire you to try Yin yoga on your own, at home, in your own time and without pressure. You don’t even have to wear special clothes. Lie down in the simple positions, relax and just be.

If you do Yin yoga once a day, that’s fantastic.
If you do it once a week, that’s fantastic, too.
If you only ever do it once, that’s also fantastic!

Welcome to Yin yoga.

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