imageAs the name suggests, a book about running and meditation.

Admittedly not an automatic association of topics. And for anyone who knows me, the running certainly isn’t an automatic association, being a committed “non runner”. Truth be told, the book was on my reading list for a course, hence it came to the top of the reading pile.

The author is a meditation teacher and spiritual leader, in a Buddhist tradition. He is also a seasoned runner, having completed many marathons.

Here he weaves together the mindset of running and meditation drawing out the parallels. Both need training, discipline and development; you can’t pick up your shoes and expect to run a marathon any more than you can expect to sit once and experience insight. Both offer a place where, in due course, you experience both greater stamina and health, and also a feeling of ease and fluidity. Oh, and both are helped by yoga (his words!).

A useful short book on learning meditation through parallels with running. Likely to be of interest to runners, mediators, athletes and yogis – we can all learn with an open mind, even if, like me, running isn’t your comfort zone (good news walking meditation is covered as well, although I still search for cycling meditation).

Worth a read.

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