This isn’t a new book – first published 1975 – but when you read it the overwhelming thought is “why didn’t they tell us about it” – they maybe being school – where I was in 1975 – doctors, society.

The reason, of course, is that despite good quality evidence, relaxation has until recently, indeed in many situations still, been seen as a rather unsatisfactory course of action in our fast paced world when pharmaceuticals are seen as a quicker and more reliable option.

And, of course, in many situations the skilled care and prescribing of a doctor is invaluable – where would we be without our skilled physicians? Yet as a society have we become wedded to a “prescribe first” expectation of quick fixes? Yet many medical conditions, and this book majors on hypertension, can be treated at least as well, and maybe without side by effects, by lifestyle adjustments, including structured consistent and disciplined relaxation.

Dr Benson prescribes a semi structured approach of 10 to 20 minutes once or twice aday. He explores how this could be drawn from practices like meditation, contemplation, progressive relaxation, yoga.

Unlike some books in stress and it’s associated physiology, this is a shortish easy read, but none the worse for that and enough detail to clearly understand the points made. I’d recommend the book for anyone enquiring into these areas, and wanting to have some personal control over their health, however always do this in consultation with a medical professional.

Worth a read.

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