Anything that’s labelled “practical” has a certain appeal, doesn’t it?  Especially in the Yoga world where we can get caught up in theory, doctrine and semantics rather than an embodied lived approach.

Yoga Nidra – “Yogic sleep” – in practical terms a guided meditation – is a practice where you can get stuck in the detail and structure, the “thou musts”, and some parts of the yoga world have established quite a regimented approach to the practice.  I feel this book stands against that – as well as being refreshingly practical, its low on prescription, and although it imparts a structure, it does so in a invitational and flexible way.  Its not right, its not wrong, but it certainly aligns with how I feel more at ease practising.

I found this to be a well structured introduction to the practice, suitable for anyone seeking to explore it themselves, or for Yoga Teachers looking for a different dimension to their teaching, and from a personal perspective useful to help refine my own approach.  At 130 pages this is a readable and accessible book, with a down to earth approach.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend this book to a wider readership.

Practical Yoga Nidra by Scott Moore can be purchased on Amazon