Subtitled “The Life Changing Science of Sleep”, this is a useful review of the area, and what happens in the third of our life we spend with head on pillow.

Its all the more relevant now, with a lot of people reporting sleep disturbance during the pandemic.

The first part of the book is about Sleep Science – If you are new to considering this and looking at separating fact from myths, this is a good primer on the topic – for me there was nothing new in this first section of the book, but it was certainly a good refresher.

The author is clear that sleeping is not “down time”, and the brain is, at times, quite active, and to this end the second part of the book covers dreaming in quite a lot of detail. I’ll be honest some of the content here feels a little bit “out there”, but it is an area that I’ve not really looked at in much depth before, and a such it was a useful read to get me thinking about dreams and their links to conscious awareness.

This is a useful and readable book for anyone wanting a primer or refresher in these areas, and worth a read. The author avoids bogging people down in too much detail, yet reinforces his writing with a sound evidence base.

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