The subtitle of this book clearly sets out its market, “Maximising your Balance, Flexibility and Core Strength in our 50s, 60s and Beyond”.  Sigh, that includes me now then.

I sigh in jest – we all age, and I’d suggest a healthy approach to ageing is to both acknowledge the reality of change – we are slowing, we can’t do all we did, and at the same time take steps to maximise our health span (the years of our life we spend in good health).  Yoga, of course, addresses both of these aspects.  Change, and protection.

This book is a very practical manual for Yoga practice 50+ focusing on postures and routines that are age and activity appropriate.  Yoga Philosophy and the Breath aren’t left out, but they aren’t the main stay. 

In short a really useful book for anyone wanting to take Yoga out of the studio and into daily life.  Recommended.

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