Between 60 and 100 times an hour at rest – and more if we are exercising, stressed or startled – the heart beats and pumps our blood.  Assuming an average of 80 beats a minute, thats 4,800 per hour, 115,200 a day and 42m beats a year.  Impressive, huh?

This is a book about how our heart works, how it reflects our mental and physical well-being, some of the things that can go wrong, and how we can look after our heart.

The author is Paramedic, training as a Cardiologist, and interjects the writing with a lot of anecdotes from his working life.  This makes this an eminently readable book which strikes a very good balance between information and anecdote.  You learn a lot about the heart, but without feeling like you are reading a cardiology primer.

In the book we learn about how our heart is structured; heart attacks; diet, drinking and smoking effect on the heart; heart disease; electrical conduction of the heart; sex and exercise; and the ever pervading effects of stress.

We all have a heart, so I think this book should be of interest to anyone who wants to know what goes on “under the hood” as it were, regardless of your level of anatomical understanding.  A book for the curious, for sure, and one I enjoyed – don’t be mislead by this comparatively brief review, this is a marvellous book.

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