Subtitled “The Inside Story of Our Bodies Most Underrated Organ”, this 2014 book is a new look at digestion, drawing on our growing knowledge of how digestion and the GI (Gastro-Intestinal) Tract works.   This is a rapidly changing area of understanding as science learns more about the nervous and microbiological structure of the GI Tract – if you follow this area, you find new discoveries almost every month, reflecting that there is as much we don’t know about these structures as we do know – anyone who has tried to get to the bottom of pervasive unremitting digestive systems will tell you this.

The book is divided into three logical parts – “Gut feeling” covering, loosely, the function of the GI Tract; the Nervous System of the GI Tract; and “The World of Microbes” covering the microbiota and microbiome.

Its a very practical work, and very readable, and to this end I think the book is of interest to both professionals like Yoga Teachers and to anyone else interested in the workings of the digestive system.  Additionally, and much to the authors credit, the book isn’t peppered with faddy self help ideas – its a readable book about function and operation.

For me the appeal of the work, which I have read twice now at about a years interval, is the postulation of the links between overall welling and digestive well-being and how the two influence each other.  Whilst most of us sense – “gut feeling” maybe – irony intended –  such links, its not always obvious why they exist.  Understanding of the nervous and microbial structures of the GI tract help us, – me certainly – to connect the dots.

Worth a read.

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