energy medicine I’m currently partway through a one year course entitled, “Structural, Functional and Experiential Anatomy for Yoga Teachers”, and the reading list is somewhat long – I dread to think about the combined number of pages!

This book is around about mid way on the reading list, and whilst its not for the feint hearted I felt it merited a few words here.

There seems always to be a conflict between “science” and “feeling”, more so “medical science” and “healing energy” – yoga, reiki, acupuncture, healing touch, and other energy treatments.  This overlaps into the effect of therapeutic touch in massage, osteopathy, chiropractic treatments and disciplines like Rolfing and structural integration, where on one level there is a known physical outcome, yet, on another level, the effects can go much deeper.

This book seeks to bridge that gap – the gap between science and energy.  Put simply how our bodies react to energy from touch, proximity and the environment, via such methods as inter-cellular communication, sound wave, vibration, biomagnetism, electromagnetism.  The author systematically reviews all of these possibilities and supporting science, with the aim of showing that “therapeutic energy” and “science” aren’t two mutually exclusive concepts.

Its fair to say that the detail will pass many people by – if it – whatever it maybe – works for them, then thats good enough.  But some people will be curious about why it works.  This is the book for them, patient and therapist.   Its a readable book, quite a lot of detail, but clearly presented and easy to digest.

So a book for the curious, and one I’d recommend.

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