TheBreathThere are many approaches to meditation, and many books about those approaches.

This is another approach, and another book… 

..except, for me personally this is a book that resonated more than most.

Two things stood out; simplicity of the practice, and the shortness of the book.

Sometimes you read books and you can’t help but feel there is unnecessary padding – not here the writing is warm, simple, adequate and you get the feeling of it being heart felt from the authors personal experience.

The author describes a simple process of using the breath to support meditation; how to get started, problems that you may encounter, going deeper, and then finally touching on the context of breath meditation in a wider Buddhist philosophy, but without any sense of an agenda.  And, of course, its worth saying these techniques are not unique to Buddhism, possibly they are its gift to the wider world.

“Your aim is to build alive, alert, and emotionally engaged mental states, using the breath as a tool to help you do that. In pursuit of that goal, you need to be flexible. At times the best way to fulfil your aims may be to stop trying to follow your breath.”

A lovely simple book, recommended.

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