Paul Kalanithi died in March 2015, towards the end of writing this book.  He was a neurosurgeon, a father, a son, a husband.  He was in his late 30s.

The book is his account of a terminal lung cancer, and facing up to it.  Its a reflection on his life, his professional career, and facing up to an early death.

So, that sounds more than a little heavy? In reality its not – there are threads reflection, acceptance, irony (“Can I start smoking now”) and at times gentle humour.  The book has the feel of being very honest as well, especially as he reflects on his own bedside manner with patients over the years, from the perspective of being a patient himself.

Another theme picked up, albeit from a doctors perspective, is the experience of the healer needed healing – when is it time to let go and let others take the lead rather than being active in the process.

The book has won a lot of praise, and rightly so.  Its a difficult topic approached sensitively and poignantly.  For anyone interested in healing its worth a read.

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