The author is a Consultant Neurologist in the UK – as an aside the UK aspect is welcome when so many of the books in this field stem from America – and in this book she uses a variety of anonymised case studies to review what happens when the brain malfunctions, mostly around epilepsy and similar conditions.

This could be very special interest, but she brings the book alive with case studies that go well beyond the confines of a consulting room and look at the persons wider life experience and social interactions, and how these contribute to dysfunction and, in turn, are influenced by it.

It’s a readable and interesting book in its own right if you are interested in brain health, but also for me it was interesting to concentrate on an area, epilepsy, I know little about.  No knowledge is wasted! There’s not too much anatomical complexity, and the author seems to have a way with words that makes the content comprehensible.

A interesting book for wellbeing professionals, and those with a curiosity about brain health and function.

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