Boundaries – How to Draw the Line in Your Head, Heart and Home.

In class we often talk about the adaptation of the human brain to modern life – quite simply we end up spending most of our lives “plugged in” (irony – I have two screens on my PC open as I type, plus an iPad running.  My right eye is on this article, my left a YouTube video) – and this constant plugged in state impacts our mental and physical health, we end up being pulled in multiple directions.

The concept of a “boundary” is – my words – facing up to those multiple pulls and, literally, setting a boundary as to how they interact (I have now closed YouTube so I can concentrate on this article – boundary activated).

A boundary could be to do with how you allocate time; how you interact with family; how you set work and leisure in context; how you balance sleep and awake.

There is nothing particularly novel in this book – and thats a good thing – as sometimes we need to be reminded to return to basics and rethink the fundamentals of our lifes.  The authors – a psychotherapist and journalist respectively – guide the reader to explore the inherent tensions in lifes competing demands and how you can start to practically identify them, set boundaries, and enforce them.

The book left me with a few things to think about, and some action points, and as always that will be a continuous process.

This is a very readable and practical work, and in my view suitable for anyone looking to be more aware of competing demands and how they may be managed.

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