The concept of our body reflecting tension in the mind is nothing new – just think how you can experience stiffness, back pain, IBS or headache in response to tension.

However what of the unconscious tensions we hold, and how they are reflected in the body?

This is a book about PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress – and how it can lurk within peoples minds, bodies and behaviours, becoming a limiting factor in many aspects of their lives.  This trauma isn’t just run of the mill daily stresses – here we are talking about people who have been scarred by warfare, child abuse and similar life framing incidents.

The author is a practising Psychiatrist specialising in this area, and this book reflects his discoveries, research and understanding amassed over his career.  It starts with an exploration of understanding the nature of trauma,  then looks at how the brain reacts, before moving on to look at therapeutic strategies for release.

I would categorically not say this is a self help book – I feel its more aimed at practitioners in stress related fields and those curious about the impact of trauma on body and mind.  If you are struggling with PTSD, then you need professional help, not this book, although along side such support this book may, if it doesn’t create unhelpful triggers, help someone with PTSD to understand a bit more about why things are as they are.

For all its academic approach, it is an eminently readable book.

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