The idea that the unconscious influences what we do and how we react isn’t new, but by its very nature it’s difficult to fully appreciate.

In this book, the author, a psychologist, looks at how we respond to these unconscious influences. How we may be primed to do something, the complex play of nature v nurture, how our unconscious influences our daily life.

It’s an interesting and readable book, with the right balance of science versus narrative. The author looks at the “Hidden Past”, Hidden Present” and “Hidden Future” looking at how the unconscious influences each, and how we can be aware of this.

I’d like to think that yoga helps us be more aware of the unconscious influences on our actions – in yoga philosophy samskara – and how we can release ourselves from them. That however is probably a lifetimes work. However understanding is part of the task, and this book certainly helps with that and provides food for thought.

So a book for anyone interested in the functionality of the brain, it’s influences, and how we think and act. Worth a read.

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