AdventuresInBeingHumanApparently this was a “Sunday Times bestseller” – oops, as an avid ST reader I missed it!  Never mind, when it popped up on my facebook network as a recommendation I thought it looked interesting – my love of anatomy and body things never tires.

This is an anatomy book with a difference – written by a Doctor who travels, or a Traveller who earns his living as a doctor, depending on the perspective – its a fascinating romp through the body, how it works, some common ailments, and a stack of anecdotes that bring the topic to life with practical thoughts around both the worldwide cultures around the body – for example “Eat it, Burn it, Bury it under a tree” discussing cultural norms around the placenta post birth –  and how this effects individuals on a case history basis.

So very much not a this-is-how-it-works anatomy book, more a travellers guide to the human body.

I really enjoyed it – at 220 pages its a manageable read – and would endorse it fully.

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