Yoga Equipment at Yinspire

Yoga Equipment at Yinspire


Stock Items at the Studio

The studio has a stock of equipment and books for sale – ideal if you want your own personal equipment for class or home practice.

All items can be purchased  in class or by Getting in Touch with Jessica for collection when convenient.

Yoga Mat £20
Gives you the comfort of your own mat for class or home
This is a Yoga matters basic mat, 4.5m thick 
Some people may like to use two of these thinner mats

I can order in other thicker mats if required

  Yoga Block (foam) £6
For support when sitting

Yoga Brick (foam) – £14 for two
For supporting knees, hips and other joints


  Egg Shaped Block – £20 for 2
For supporting knees and hips in seated postures
Yoga Wedge (foam) £7
For sitting bones and wrists
  Yoga Strap £6
Various uses, especially reaching feet
Bolster £38
Choose from Round Buckwheat, or Foam in Round or Flat
A flat bolster is kinder to smaller frames or stiff backs
Speak to Jessica or your teacher if you are not sure which is best for you)

Replacement Bolster Covers – £10

Eye Pillow £5
For relaxation
Spiky Ball £4
For foot and hand mobilisation, and self massage

Fleece Blanket £25
For cushioning and warmth during practice, and snuggling during Savasna

Cork Brick x 2 £20
A firmer brick for more support.  Slightly larger than the foam brick above.

Most items are from YogaMatters, as used in the studio, or other reputable yoga wholesalers. They are, of course, new and normally in manufacturers wrapping. 

If you want a special colour or order, then check YogaMatters website and let Jessica know – I can usually order in. I sell at RRP.

If you are not sure what any items of equipment are for, and what is suitable for you, then speak to Jessica or your Yoga teacher.


Yoga Kits

  • Kit 1 £50 – Mat, Block, Bolster – kit price £50 against £64 for individual items
    Kit 1 is the suggested minimum you need in one of Jessica’s classes

  • Kit 2 £85 – Mat, Block, 2 Bricks, Bolster, Strap, Blanket – kit price £85 against £109 for individual items
    I can swap the bricks for Cork or Egg on paying difference £6